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Where reality collides with fiction and we still believe flying the American Flag is more important than celebrating national coffee day, which by the way is now observed three times a year by capitalist neophytes who want to make a buck into a star.  BOYCOTT COFFEE!,  go ahead, we dare ya, but we guarantee you will be visited by Peruvian or assassins paid by some coffee bean lobbyist.  But, I digress. 

Therefore rejoice the Black Rock Daily is here to make safeguard the most sacred and cherished traditions of these United States while allowing for some levity among the frivolous marketing buffoons who would hi-jack the sanctuaries of american history. Moreover, we are here to scold capitalists who make their employees work on Memorial Day, or Veterans day to sell mattresses.

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"To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. To defend the flag from irresponsible advertisers, ensure the proper display of the symbol of freedom, and educate other business owners who are like minded, and those who need coaching.  To expose politicians who no longer have our nation’s the interest of voters in their hearts; and thwart their re-elections when necessary. To discredit and defame the character of lobbyists and special interests- both foreign and domestic-who believe their contributions are not bribery. To assist the movement to repeal the citizens united verdict of the Supreme Court, and remind the justices; corporations are not people. To restore the true definitions of the English language and stop the disintegration of intention through the abstraction of words."

Our nation is at crossroads, the devil is nearby with a waiting TAX cab, while a choir of angels sings the blues.  We here Black Rock Daily believe there is a time for action; NOW.  We must actively participate in the building up,and defense of Democracy.  Know rights and fight for every inch of your future.  And, we will celebrate, with vigor. The great days of a great nation in the LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE!.

Is up next:  the Great Pumpkin will rise from the pumpkin patch, the headless horseman will still scare the wits from Ichabod Crane, and children everywhere will be dressed up like clowns, Frozen princesses,little Potter Wizards,and the Zombies of the walking dead. If you want to know what not to wear visit the google search  frightquest map which shows the most popular costumes in your area.  Some tips Keep it simple so you are comfortable: avoid heavy makeup you cannot touch, avoid heavy masks you cannot breath in, and definitely avoid the horrific visages of politicians.  
  • Retailers take note, Halloween recently eclipsed all but Christmas in annual consumer spending by household annually.   
  • For students if you are looking to write a Masters Thesis consider Vampires or Zombies as an examples of Global Capitalization.    Zombies,Vampires, and Monsters oh my....' 
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Halloween ‎(secular event widely observed)‎

For our first front page entry, which will remain largely intact through Election Day,  November 8th, 2016 may we suggest the following: 


We don't really care who or what you vote for; 'the lesser of two evils' 
is popular.  Mickey Mouse may be a viable alternative for a write in candidate, and of course my favorite, since Halloween is coming, a dead guy. Maybe George Washington or John Adams, perhaps Winston Churchill.  Maybe something more contemporary:  Alec BaldwinTina Fey, maybe Russel Crowe; a known ships captain and gladiator who definitely can ride a white horse (too bad he is Australian). Regardless of your party  VOTE! Historically we have failed and voter participation in this country is revealed at the clerk of the House of Representatives records, or for a more graphic view of participation by party visit the Presidency Project via the Library of Congress. You can browse and see for yourself how have a hard time getting even 50 percent participation of eligible voter's.  VOTE, VOTE,VOTE!

To assure future generations we rid the government of super pacs (political action committees), dirty lobbyist money and questionable donations from foreign entities we must repeal the supreme court decision of Citizens United. This law allows companies, individuals,organizational lobbyists, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers and anybody with deep pockets to contribute (ie bribe) our elected officials and inflate the cost of democracy exponentially. Our reasons for supporting this movement are numerous, but let me give you something to chew on if an individual makes a contribution to a campaign, and I disagree with the amount or the person, I can punch him right in the face if I am so moved.  According to the Citizens United decision a corporation is a person, so by that logic an individual with it's own conscience and motives.  But, if I try to punch a corporation in the face, chances are good an army of lawyers will descend upon me with charges of assault.  It's no surprise who is opposed to this repeal, it is who of Republicans, on September 11, 2014 House Resolution 19 which would have repealed Citizens United was defeated in a vote of 54-42 in the senate.

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Third and finally... 
There is another way to change our government by a convening a National Conference of State Legislatures. There are a number of initiatives being acted upon in each of the states and although a slow and laborious process it has been effective in the past to dispose our state governments to include measures on the ballot which may never have made it for more visit the NCSL home pages  where you can explore and support a myriad of issues facing the citizens of the United States which are not being addressed in and adequate fashion by elected officials at the state and federal level. Enough Said...

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